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KIDS From Wisconsin concert Aug. 21
Rotary Club of New Berlin is proud to once again host a KIDS From Wisconsin concert. You are in for a treat as nearly three dozen exceptional young people showcase their talents at New Berlin Eisenhower's Lohmiller-Sutherland Theater. This is the only concert the KIDS will perform in New Berlin. You won't want to miss it! For all details, and to order tickets, click on the link at right. --------------------------------------- >
Shawn Schnabl, Rotary Club of New Berlin, New Berlin RotaryUshering in a new era
Our Changing of the Guard dinner on Wednesday, June 24, was a particularly significant event. We officially installed Shawn Schnabl (above) as our president for the 2015-2016 term. He took the reins--more accurately, the gavel--from Scott Klaas. And, Rotary Club of New Berlin celebrated 45 years of service.
Schnabl, a mortgage officer with Providence Home Lending, thanked Scott for his leadership and service to the club, then recognized the board members present.
The year just concluded was a busy one for our club, Schnabl noted. He ticked off the many of our events and volunteer projects, including:
- 4th of July booth at Malone Park (selling watermelon)
- Assisting with Police Dept.'s Midnight Volleyball program
- Clearing brush in parks
- Hosting a KIDS From Wisconsin concert
- Donating to a needy family during Christmas
- Sorting food at the New Berlin Food Pantry
Assisting at the food pantry is especially important to Schnabl. "It weighs heavily on my heart knowing kids go to bed hungry," he says.
Among his goals, Schnabl would like to build upon the 14 projects and events of last year. He'd also like to see our membership grow, and to continue building the Interact program that Klass and others started.
"Be a gift of Rotary," he says, challenging members to invite others to our meetings, and attend our events and projects. "If we can bring our gifts to our club," Schnabl says, "our club will grow and we'll crush it."
Scott Klaas, Rotary Club of New Berin, New Berlin RotaryIn his remarks, outgoing president Scott Klass reflected on his term. "I can't believe it's been a year already," he says. "It is a very exciting time."
Klaas reviewed the goals he set for the club. Those included:
- Starting an Interact Club in New Berlin high schools. Thanks to the support of the school district (in particular, Superintendent Joe Garza, and district employee and club member Kathy Erickson) that is a reality. "We've got some excited kids, and we'll grow next year," he says.
- Improving attendance by members and involvement of the club. Those 14 projects and events allowed us  to raise and donate money, as well as raise awareness of Rotary. "We have a really active club," he says.
As he looks to the future, Klaas, a broker with Shorewest New Berlin, sees only good things. "I feel very confident with where we are going."
Rotary Club of New Berlin, New Berlin RotaryAmazing, but Rotary Club of New Berlin has been serving the community and the world for 45 years. Yes, in addition to local organizations and groups, club members have volunteered their time--and, in some cases, money--for worthy causes overseas.
Chartered on June 20, 1970, Rotary Club of New Berlin held its first meeting on July 3, 1970. Club meetings have occurred at a variety of New Berlin businesses, many of which are long gone. We currently meet for lunch the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at New Berlin Hills Golf Course.
We were honored this night that three noteworthy members were able to attend.
When Carmelita Stehr joined in November 1987, she was our first female member. Dick Clemins, owner of Fortress Forms, Inc. in New Berlin, is our longest serving member. He joined in December 1970. And Dale Worden, a local certified public accountant, joined in July 1971.
Tom Gaumond, CARING Group, Rotary Club of New Berlin, New Berlin RotaryA win-win situation for New Berlin businesses, schools
Do you care about New Berlin's schools? Would you like to support them through donations? Now you can. Tom Gaumond, president of CARING Group, introduced us to his program during our meeting on May 27.
The concept is simple. Businesses sign up for the program. Customers, known as members, also register and designate which school(s) are to receive their donations. While checking out at a participating business, customers mention they intend to make a CARING purchase and provide their phone number. This ensures the transaction is tied to the particular member. (All members of a household can use that phone number when making purchases.) Any product or service offered by the business is eligible for this program.
CARING (Companies Actively Reinvesting In Neighborhood Growth) Group began in Brookfield to support the Elmbrook School District. Two staff members from the School District of New Berlin attended this meeting to discuss how the program will be extended into New Berlin.
CARIING is 100% free to businesses and members. However, they ask that participating businesses donate at least 5% of member sales. CARING Group is a 501(c)(3) organization, so all donations are tax deductible to the business. The CARING Group website tracks all donations, which are handled automatically through a direct debit process.
The schools decide how to use the funds, Gaumond says. One school invested in its theater. Another applied the funds to its library. Members may select which school(s) are to receive their donations. Both public and private schools are eligible for CARING Group donations.
If you would like to register your New Berlin business, or join as a member, contact either of these Rotarians:
Scott Klaas: 262-347-9329,
Jeremy Rynders: 414-795-6675,

Rotary: Doing good all around the world

The Rotary Foundation supports ongoing efforts to eradicate polio (now found in just three countries in the world!), bring clean water and sanitation services to impoverished communities, and build schools and other structures, to name just a few.
This video offers just a glimpse of the important work Rotary International does for the needy everywhere.

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