May 24, 2017
Fire chief Lloyd Bertram
Fire and safety tips

Chief Bertram will offer some very helpful and important advice. We encourage you to attend.

Some of the topics he will cover include:

- Safety tips for the home. Make sure you have working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms (replace batteries regularly); inspect fire extinguishers (are they pressurized? Is the chemical still good?); fire "drill" so family members know what to do and where to go

- Safety tips for at work.

- Nonfire-related safety tips. How to reduce risk of injuries from power tools, chemicals in the home, and the like.

- An overview of our fire department

Guests are welcome to attend this meeting, held at New Berlin Hills Golf Course, 13175 W. Graham St. Seating is limited. Please contact club president Pat McLaughlin to reserve your seat. You will find his email link on our home page.