Feb 09, 2021 6:00 PM
Lindsey Kerr, Executive Director LifeLine Pilots
LifeLine Pilots

Lindsey Kerr is the Executive Director of LifeLine Pilots, a non-profit based in Peoria, Illinois but serving 10 states in the Midwest, including Michigan.  Since 1981, LifeLine Pilots has facilitated free air transportation to passengers with medical or humanitarian needs.  Medical care is expensive—oftentimes, life-saving procedures and surgeries can be prohibitively so.  Through volunteer pilots, LifeLine Pilots enables all patients to receive the most cutting-edge treatments from far-away hospitals.  Lindsey believes that everyone, regardless of income, should have equal access to healthcare.  By removing the transportation barrier, LifeLine Pilots helps to ease the financial burden put on families during times of medical uncertainty.  

Lindsey has dedicated her professional life to the non-profit sector.  Almost a year ago she brought her fundraising and communication skills to LifeLine Pilots and is helping the organization to expand its outreach, not just in the Peoria area, but through their 10-state region.  Lindsey will share with us who LifeLine Pilots is, the impact it has on its passengers and volunteers, and what you can do to help grow its outreach efforts.