Rotary Club of New Berlin, New Berlin Rotary Solving a totally rad mystery
Normally, a prom is just an excuse for high school students to dance the night away. Not for the kids at Mayhem High. This was, like, too much. One of their classmates, Bobby Backer, didn't make it home from the prom. Yep, Bobby went belly up on the big night.
We learned that Bobby, a standout baseball player, had suddenly started doing well in math. (No way!) Of course, his parents promised him a car for good grades. That didn't sit well with twin sister Gabby Backer: No car for her. Meantime, Bobby dumps Sally Spirit, a cheerleader. (Wow!) And rumor had it that Bobby had bribed the math teacher. Oh, the list of suspects was longer than David Lee Roth's hair!
But eventually the bad guy--actually, a bad girl--as discovered. And the night was saved.
More than 150 guests turned out for our murder mystery dinner, held Saturday at New Berlin Banquet Center. Final numbers aren't in yet, but we hope to net more than $4,000. We appreciate the support of everyone, but a special tip of the hat to Angie Leikam. Angie and her husband, Dave, own Full Service Car Wash. Angie won the 50/50 raffle, and immediately donated her $440 back the club. (Coincidentally, Angie won last year's 50/50 raffle too. She donated those funds to the club, as well.) Thank you, Angie!
We were honored to have Miss New Berlin, Alyssa Weissman, assist with raffle ticket sales. Here she is tag-teamed with Rotarian Scott Klaas. Alyssa's superior sales skills helped us gross $880 in 50/50 raffle sales alone.
Proceeds from this, our 10th annual dinner, will support local programs, including the New Berlin Police Department's Midnight Volleyball program and Rotary's World Affairs Seminar (we will sponsor two New Berlin high school students), among others. We'd like to thank all the guests, donors and volunteers for making this a resounding success. (For more images, and a list of sponsors, visit our image library.)